Pantry Doors with Etched Glass Chef Designs

Happy Chef by Sans Soucie, shown here is Solid Frost Etched Glass. Design elements are clear glass, background is sandblast solid etched or frosted for obscurity.

Pantry Doors with decorative etched glass will add a personal touch to any kitchen!  Sans Soucie Art Glass has a variety of designs from whimsical to elegant, with different sandblast effects to choose from.  Take a look at this “Happy Chef” design, available in Solid Frost, Dimensional or 3D Carved Sandblast Etched Glass.

Also available is the Dimensional sandblast effect, which is a stage sandblast where each element of the design is sandblast to create “dimension”, but is not deep carved into the glass like the “3D efffect”. See 3D Carved Pantry Door designs.

Close up of the etched glass Chef, showing how the sandblasting is giving a dimensional effect.
This is "Happy Chef" by Sans Soucie, in the Dimensional Effect sandblast technique. The chef is stage sandblasted, with the background solid frosted or etched.