A True Work of Art in Etched Glass Doors

This pair of etched carved glass doors by Sans Soucie Art Glass, is truly a work of art captured in glass.  This glass features a gorgeous bonsai tree set in a landscape scene featuring a soft meadow with a beautiful egret, draped in the background by hills in the distance.  Designed for a custom home in Palm Springs, to create privacy on a pair of master bedroom glass doors that lead to the back yard of the home.  Natural light brings out all the details in the deep sandcarving and etching in the glass.

To see more designs like these, visit the Door Glass Gallery on sanssoucie.com. Sans Soucie can ship the glass pre-installed in quality wood frame doors.  Glass is custom designed in any size or quantity, to suit any decor and can be executed for the amount of privacy needed for any given area.

Bonsai Tree & Egret Door Glass by Sans Soucie Art Glass
Close up of Egret and section of Bonsai Tree