Etched Glass Pantry & Laundry Room Doors!

This adorable etched glass design for a Laundry Room Door is called “Through the Wringer” by Sans Soucie Art Glass.  The design features an old fashioned laundry wringer, wash board and bucket, with bubbles and suds running over!  Sans Soucie can surface etch or 3D carve the design, depending on your budget!  See the examples and watch the video to learn about the differences between etched and carved glass!

Doors are custom, made to order as per your desired wood type, hinge finish and size needed and are shipped anywhere in the Continental US for only $99!  Visit Sans Soucie’s Pantry Door Designer where you mix and match, selecting from dozens of borders and designs!

“Through the Wringer” Etched Glass Laundry Room Door, Solid Frost design
“Through the Wringer”, 3D Carved
“Stone Mill” Etched Glass Pantry Door
Close up of Stone Mill Etched Glass Pantry Design