Etched Glass Doors, Windows & Showers: Reeds Design

Take a look at these beautiful etched glass windows and doors, because they can be designed to provide more privacy toward the bottom section of the glass, while leaving the top areas more open, with larger areas of clear glass, which is perfect for door glass and windows where semi-privacy is desired.

Take a look at the pieces below, and click on the photo to see additional information and  glass specifications.

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Etched Glass Interior Window, featuring 3D Carved Reeds with Carved & Painted Hummingbirds in the background. Bottom section is intentionally more "dense' with Reeds to provide privacy, while the upper area features clear glass.
Etched Glass Reeds, executed for "effect', the background area of the glass remains clear glass.
Door Glass has been sandblast etched & carved in "Reeds" design, with the background featuring a Gluechipped Texture for obscurity.
Etched Glass Shower Enclosure, featuring "Reeds" design with a gluechipped background for obscurity.
Etched Glass Shower Panel, Reeds Design with a Gluechipped Background
Etched Glass Reeds on Free Standing Shower Divider Panel

Etched Reeds provide privacy on these Entry Sidelite Windows. Background is Clear Glass
Small insert panels on entry gates. Bronze Glass Etched with "Reeds tips"
These Reeds are executed (sandblasted) in what's called a "Solid Etch". The Reeds design is brought about by using clear pinstripes. This technique provides nearly total privacy. If you approach the glass, you can "peer thru" the clear pinstripes. Otherwise, from a distance, the glass is private with only shapes and colors coming through.
Just like the window above, this door glass is "Solid Etched". This technique is the least expensive form or sandblast technique, because the sandblasting is accomplished much quicker than the 'stage sandblast' effects seen on the other pieces in this article.