Etched Glass Doors: Effects for Privacy

Check out these two etched glass doors by Sans Soucie Art Glass:  They feature the same “Wispy Reeds” design, in two completely different sandblast effects!  One provides total privacy, while the other allows visibility.  This is a great example of how Sans Soucie can etch the same design, a number of different ways to provide the desired effect, depending on the location of the door.   The glass with the “clear” Reeds would be perfect for, say, a pantry door or any other door where all that’s needed is “semi-privacy”.  The glass with the Solid Frosted Reeds is perfect for a Bathroom Door for instance, where total privacy is needed.Both are “single stage sandblast” and are very affordably priced at $395 (clear Reeds) and $495 (Solid Frosted Reeds).

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