Etched Glass Pantry Doors: Multi-stage Sandblasting

At Sans Soucie Art Glass, we etch and carve our designs into the glass by sandblasting.  The three most popular techniques are what we call a solid frost, which is a single stage sandblast, a dimensional and a 3D carved glass, which are both multi-stage sandblast techniques.

A multi stage sandblast is where the artist sandblasts the design, one small segment at a time, creating a dimensional effect.

In 3D Carved Glass, the sculpted edges illuminate as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.

A Dimensional sandblast, similar to 3D, has “shaded areas” where the sandblasting fades back out to clear glass.  This creates a beautiful dimensional effect, but the sandblasting  is on the top – surfaceONLY, and is not cut deep into the glass, like 3D.

Solid frosted glass is a one stage, overall sandblast, where the design is made up of thin, clear pinstripes.

Shown here, are multi-stage sandblasted, etched glass pantry doors.

Bakers Delight
Bundled Wheat
Happy Chef
Piggy Chef
Rooster Chef

If you’re looking for a new decorative glass kitchen pantry door, visit our brand new interactive “Pantry Door Designer” web tool where you can design your own custom, etched glass pantry door by “mixing and matching” from dozens of decorative borders, design elements and font styles, LIVE!  On screen!

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