Contemporary Door Glass: Frosted, Carved & Hand Painted

February 2, 2010

This homeowner was looking for a contemporary glass design for their front entry.  Our client had the fantastic idea of combining two of our most popular designs into one!  Our “Triptic” Design, and our “Water Trails” design were combined to create this gorgeous new geometric, contemporary design aptly named “Triptic Water Trails”.

Straight on View of "Triptic Water Trails" Entry Door Glass
Straight on View of "Triptic Water Trails" Entry Door Glass

The background area of the glass is the “Water Trails” .. the glass is frosted, leaving narrow wavy lines running vertically down the glass.

Close up view, showing textures.
Close up view, showing textures.

Wide rectangles of varying widths and carved textures were added to the upper portion.  Our Triptic design features the same sort of feel with its odd-shaped, irregular edged rectangles.  The textures vary from smoother to a more deepr “bumpy” texture we call “Moonscape”, to wavy, narrow, vertical grooves.

contemporary etched glass doors frosted painted

We’re sure this will prove to be a very popular design!

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frosted glass door entry carved hand painted contemporary

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