Frosted Glass, Inside & Out!

etched glass pattern frameless doors shredded
INSIDE View. Jagged Peaks all glass doors.
OUTSIDE View. Jagged Peaks, all glass doors.

What a difference a VIEW makes!

The main factor that will change the viewing appearance of any of our etched, carved or stained glass is one thing, and one thing only:  LIGHT!   And in the case of our art glass, being ARCHITECTURAL Art Glass primarily illuminated with natural sunlight (which, by the way is really the best form of lighting for it), is the time of day, and whether you’re viewing from inside our outside!

As you’ll see in the examples included in this blog, glass and the artwork applied to it will take on a completely different effect, depending on how the light is hitting it.

The most obvious difference comes when the glass is viewed from inside or outside of the home or building, and whether it’s day or night, the factors change again.  Colors will change, details in the carving will stand out and the visibility thru the glass will change as well.  One of the best examples we can give you is the “Jagged Peaks” all glass doors.  These doors were photographed in the day, are ½” thick bronze glass, and have been sandblasted with a frosted pattern on the outside surface.  From the outside, the glass takes on a dark brown hue, and creates a nice level of privacy when looking in.  Viewing the glass “from the inside out”, it looks completely different.  The glass almost appears clear, but if you were to look at “clear” glass side by side, you’d see the difference.

frosted glass doors window geometric out
"Sun Odyssey", viewed from OUTSIDE.
frosted glass doors window geometric in
Inside View

When viewed at night, the opposite becomes true.  The glass is illuminated from the inside, and so when viewed at night, as you approach the door, you would be able to see IN to the house or building.   The same rings true, even on clear glass.  Viewed at night from inside the house, the glass will appear darker and take on a different look.  It’s really one of the great things about glass .. light changes everything and the art glass will have a different look depending on the time of day you’re viewing it.

Visit our special Effects & Techniques page on our web site, to read more about the different types we use that create different looks.   We found a very interesting web site called that you might also be interested in.  Another interesting article is Glass Facts, the History of Glass.

etched carved glass squares pattern doors
"Squares Pattern", grey glass, viewed from OUTSIDE.
etched carved glass squares pattern doors inside
Inside View