Portraitures: Artistic Impressions in Glass

etched decorative glass window young girl clay pot stream

Over the years, we’ve been asked to create literally hundreds of different types of portraits, most of which are artistic interpretations of a character type, and not a specific individual.

Our most popular portraiture, no doubt, is our woman featured in waterfall scenes, that we years ago named “Ecstasy“.  She has been featured on shower enclosures and dividers, frameless doors as well as mirror.

From mermaids, as with any other design style we create, there’s literally no limit to the different type of characters that can be designed and etched and carved into the glass.

antry chef’s” is another popular portaiture design.

I would have to say that one of my personal favorites from over the years was a centecor medical research molecule etched in glassUnfortunatley the photo we have of the installed glass is low resolution, so the rich, deep carved details are hardly visible, but at least the design comes across.   The detail on this design was just incredible.  The design featured six different sections, all portraying something scientific and relating to to medical research, fitting for a laboratory entry way!  There’s a face of a surgeon with a molucule, a doctor holding a chemical vile, a pair of hands holding open a medical reference book,  another different molecule or cell, and a section with a doctor and nurse conversing.  This glass will always be one of my favorite pieces.