Exterior Glass Doors that Makes a Statement!

Let Sans Soucie turn your ordinary glass entry into an extraordinary work of art.

Nothing Like a Full Glass Exterior Door

Offering a stunning selection of designs, each one is a handmade uniquely created work of art, custom designed for our distinguished clientele of homeowners and commercial developers.

Create a Grand Entrance with Luxury Exterior Glass Doors with Frosted Glass

Sans Soucie offers a stunning selection of designs for a full glass exterior door for commercial and residential entryways.

There’s nothing quite like the high-end look and feel of a full glass exterior door, and our decorative frosted glass designs take them to another level.  Whether a home or storefront entry, exterior glass doors create a dramatic, open feel with a sleek, modern look.   For use as commercial or residential, as both interior or exterior doors, choose from one of our exquisite glass door signature designs, or let us create a brand new, one-of-a-kind design to your specification.   Not clip art or machine generated, each of our etched glass designs is a uniquely created original work of art, created throughout the years for our distinguished clientele of homeowners, interior designers and commercial developers. With over 50 years experience in the art of sandblast glass etching and carving, all frosted glass frameless doors are custom made to order and individually hand crafted.    All glass is tempered for safety and exterior entry doors will be 1/2″ thick and will include top and bottom metal rails or patch fittings, header with concealed hydraulic closures, vertical jambs, lock box, threshold, back-to-back door pulls available in a variety of styles and finishes, with weather stripping and mohair door seals.  Free shipping to most states, doors are expertly packed in-house by our team and ship fully insured via freight delivery with a tracking number and delivery appointment.


Sans Soucie Art Glass is hand-crafted, sandblast etched and 3D carved.  The sandblasting is done different ways, creating different effects – and price levels.  The “same design, done different” – there’s no limit to design.   With 38 years of creating custom etched glass, there’s something for every decor, regardless of style.   Choose from our large collection of design archives or let us create a new design to your specifications.  Price will vary by design complexity and type of effect.  Learn more about our effects.


Available any size, custom made to order, our frameless glass front entry doors will be 1/2″ thick.  Interior glass doors will be 3/8″ or 1/2″, depending on size, location and application.  Available any size and custom made to order, all glass is tempered for safety.   Interior glass doors will include wall mount hinges and solid metal door pulls.  Exterior doors will include top and bottom metal rails or patch fittings, header with concealed hydraulic closures, vertical jambs, lock box, threshold, back-to-back door pulls, all hardware (in a variety of finishes) and weather stripping with mohair door seals.


Price will vary by design complexity and type of sandblast effect.  Our Solid Frost effects are the lower-end, more cost effective options.  Our  2D3D and Stained Glass are the higher end.  These effects require a much higher level of skill by the artist, and much more time to create, than the solid frost effects.  Learn more about our effects.  With 3D carving, the glass is literally hand-sculpted.  This not only means a 3 dimensional effect, but also the edges of the design elements will illuminate bright as they pick up and reflect the surrounding light.   If color is desired, the 3D carved glass is airbrush painted in either translucent or solid paints, from matte to metallic.  The turn-around with any frameless glass door is 4 weeks minimum.  If the glass will feature a 2D or 3D design, 7-8 weeks.


From a little to a lot, get the privacy you need without sacrificing light.  Glass can be 100% obscure privatesemi-private or not at all – just choose what you need. Art glass doors by Sans Soucie add a truly unique element and level of luxury to your entry, while providing a practical solution.  From simple frosted glass effects to our more extravagant 3D sculpture carving, painted glass .. and everything in between, Sans Soucie designs can all be executed to provide just the right amount of privacy.


All glass is expertly hand-packed in-house and ships worldwide, foam packed and fully insured.  Our packing is the secret to our success when it comes to shipping.  Transit times are approximately 1-5 days depending on destination,  Glass doors are delivered curbside.  Both residential and commercial deliveries, both domestic and international.

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