Cleaning And Maintenance For Your Frosted Glass

Sandblast Etched, Carved and Acid Etched Glass

You will clean your Sans Soucie Art Glass as you would other plain glass, wiping gently using light pressure and a good quality glass cleaner (such as “Windex”). Clean with a soft microfiber towel. Paper towels are fine too, but can leave behind lint. Never use any kind of abrasive (such as “Comet”) or harsh chemicals (such as “Lime Away”) on any of your Sans Soucie Art Glass.

The sandblasted surface is hardy and permanent, and cannot be “rubbed off”. Acid etching is not quite as durable as a sandblasted surface, to take more care to be gentle when cleaning. No harsh scrubbing! Use gentle pressure.

The most common maintenance problem on sandblasted glass is occasional small “darkened areas” that may appear over time. These are usually the result of oil getting on the surface from fingerprints. These spots can be stubborn but do come off. If these spots appear, try first cleaning with regular glass cleaner. If they remain, use pure clear acetone or lacquer thinner to clean and remove. See below.


Using a clean WHITE towel (microfiber is best) apply a small amount of lacquer thinner or acetone on the towel. Using light pressure, gently rub the oily spot on the glass. The acetone dries very quickly and as it does the spot will disappear, often after one application. If the spot remains repeat the process, continuing to gently rub the area with the acetone moistened towel. A SMALL amount of pressure may be needed. If the spot is still there, try using a Magic Eraser cleaning sponge. Once the spot disappears you may see a faint, white area on the glass. Follow up by cleaning with regular glass cleaner. Use a generous amount of cleaner and use quick, large strokes to dry. This will create a consistent, clean surface and any darkened areas will be gone.

Painted Glass

Dusting is usually the only kind of regular cleaning that will be needed for 3D painted areas. If any area becomes soiled somehow, first clear the area using plain, warm water (again using a microfiber towel). Wipe gently, being careful not to scratch or rub off any of the paint (this can happen with very aggressive rubbing). If the area has OIL, apply a small amount of regular glass cleaner to the towel and lightly wipe the area. Remember to clean gently and never use any kind of harsh chemicals or abrasives. NEVER apply acetone to glass areas where PAINT has been applied!

Stained & Leaded Glass

You will clean stained glass and beveled glass as you would normally clean other glass surfaces. Use a good quality glass cleaner and a microfiber towel. As described above, stay away from harsh chemicals or abrasives.