Why French Doors Make the Perfect Addition to Your Home

Looking for some simple home improvement inspiration? Then you’ve come to the right place. Installing — or replacing — Frosted Glass Interior Doors are a great way to add elegance and natural lighting into a home. From the entryway to the pantry, office and wine cellar, chances are you have an interior door that is in need of an update.

Furthermore, a timeless door style, such as French doors, are an inexpensive way to change the layout or artistic design of a room. For instance, installing French doors in your dining room can be a great connector to a living room and help increase the brightness of both rooms, while a French door that overlooks your patio/backyard area can bring the outdoors closer to your living space and give your guests spectacular views.

Below are five reasons why French doors make the perfect addition to your home

  1. Increases natural lighting

As mentioned above, French doors can really improve the overall brightness and natural lighting in a room. The interior glass, whether clear or opaque (for privacy), allows light to flow effortlessly from room to room. In addition, this light not only helps put you and your guest in happier moods, but can warm up your room and lighten the colors on the wall. Interior rooms, such as dens, dining rooms and hallways are great areas to incorporate a French door.

  1. Decreases your energy bill

When you increase the natural lighting in your home, the less likely you’ll need to use artificial lighting or heating in a room. So instead of heating or cooling your whole home, installing French doors allows you to heat or cool the areas that don’t benefit from the glass interior doors.

Front Glass Doors Etched Glass Tree oak tree rustic Sans Soucie

Furthermore, when you install a new French door, it will meet the necessary criteria to help reduce air leaks and save money on your monthly utility bill. Basically, French doors can maximize your home’s heating efficiency.

  1. Durable

Did you know that French doors are very durable? Because they are made with highly durable materials, many people use French doors as an entryway door or patio door. Just because there is a lot of glass in French doors doesn’t make the door less secure. Glass has come a long way and most French doors, especially if they are entryway doors, are made with high-protection-grade glass. Plus, at Sans Soucie, we offer different privacy levels in our glass — semi private, private and not private — as well as sandblasting effects that can help keep your home more secure.

Etched Glass Installed Bathroom Door Sun Odyssey 2D Private Framed Door

Also, French doors are durable because they require little maintenance and can be easily removed or altered.

  1. Enhances interior design

French doors are not only practical in home efficiency and security, but they can be a design feature in themselves. At Sans Soucie, we offer hundreds of glass art designs that can help make a statement in a room and in your home overall. You can also play off of the intricate patterns and colors in the interior glass designs and incorporate it into the room’s furniture, rug or wall colors.

  1. Adds curb appeal

Lastly, because French doors are timeless, they can be a great investment and help increase the curb appeal to your home. Especially if you’re looking for home improvement projects that can improve your house before putting it on the market, installing interior glass French doors can help make small rooms appear larger as well as create a smooth transition from room to room and between the interior and exterior of the house. All of which can help increase the overall price of your home!

In addition, with entryway doors, according to ImproveNet a front door replacement has proven to bring the highest ROI in terms of a home remodeling project. So if you don’t have a good place in your house for an interior French door, you should consider replacing your entryway door with a French door.  

All in all, consider these five points when looking for a simple home improvement project that is versatile and makes your home more inviting.