What to Know Before Putting in a Glass Front Door

Like people we encounter every day, a house can also give off a first impression. And nothing makes more of a statement than a glass entry door.  New and improved glass front doors can boost your curb appeal, set an inviting tone for guests, and incorporate personal style and design into your whole house.  

Below are four things to know before installing a glass front door for your home.

  1. Privacy

Sans Soucie glass door

The first thing to consider when installing a glass front door is the type of privacy you want. At Sans Soucie we have three levels of privacy with our art glass that doesn’t sacrifice natural lighting. This includes semi-private, private and not private. Depending on the design carving—1D, 2D, 3D or 3D painted—it will also affect the privacy in your glass door.

Also, take into account your neighborhood and the kind of privacy you would need. Do you live in a more secluded suburb or in a downtown area? It’s important that you think about the level of privacy your area/environment offers when considering glass doors.

  1. Security

Along with privacy, security is another important factor with glass entry doors. Glass doors for your entryway should be double-paned glass as opposed to single pane. Why? A double-paned glass is more secure and can withstand weather along with intruders. Again, consider your neighborhood and typical weather conditions and if glass doors can give you the security you need in your home.

  1. Lighting

Sans Soucie glass doors

Glass doors can be a great asset when looking to increase natural lighting in your home and overall energy. In fact, increasing natural lighting in your home can help improve your mood. According to a recent study by Northwestern Medicine and the University of Illinois, increasing natural lighting can lead to feelings of happiness, peace and productivity. Depending on the privacy glass level, consider if you want or need more lighting in the front area of your house.

  1. Door Type/Materials

What door type do you want as a front door? Besides the glass design, you’ll need to consider the door type (single or double), swing (inswing or outswing), and hinge location. Most doors are built with an inswing, towards the house, but determine if that’s possible with your house design

.Sans Soucie glass door

In addition, you’ll need to decide what materials will work best for your door. Talk with your door designer/interior designer to figure out what type of wood, steel, and glass materials you want. Keep in mind that some materials will be more energy efficient than others and can help reduce your energy bills. When shopping for door materials, look at your options for additional insulation with your door.

Our process is simple when buying art glass from Sans Soucie. You’ll decide the door style, type of glass, door material and work with our team of professionals to pick a design or create a custom design of your own. Learn more about our process here.

All in all, keep these four things in mind when considering glass doors for your entryway.