Stylish Etched Glass Furniture for Every Chic Modern Design

For all you savvy Modernists who’s interior design incorporates influences from the modern art movement, Etched Glass Furniture is the perfect choice! Glass is sleek in texture and has clean streamed lines with custom designs of your choice that are Etched, Carved and/or Painted into any piece of furniture. Sans Soucie helps you turn Art into Functionality through Glass Doors, Tables, Showers and MORE!

Etched Glass Furniture Worthy of Being Art with a

Signature Hand Sandblasting Technique!

Abstract and Geometric Shapes are Modern Designs that can be produced in a Variety of Ways. Same Design, Done Different takes ONE design and produces it in multiple ways for different Privacy Levels, Effects, Price Point and Overall Look. Sans Soucie has a Gallery with endless designs and themes to choose from! BUT even better… when creating that perfect Etched Glass Door for a Bathroom, Pantry, or even Entry Way, Door Designer is a tool that allows you to create a door from top to bottom right ONLINE!

Modern Interior uses Glass for it’s smooth surface, sophisticated feel, and unbroken lines…. Etched Glass Furniture brings a charm and comfort feel while embracing the signature materials such as stainless steel and it’s organic natural wood contrast. Making it a harmonious blend between livability, Art, and style! Glass doesn’t have to be simple in order to modern! Let Sans Soucie show you how to be chic….not pretensions!

etched glass doors modern abstract
Matrix Angles 3D
etched glass doors stripes modern minimalist
Divise Stripes Private
etched glass doors modern geometric
Sun Odyssey 3D Clear
etched glass doors modern geometric circles
Circularity Private
etched glass doors modern geometric
Mosaics 3D