Custom Shower Glass – Reeds Divider

Showers today have been turned into something right out of a five star resort spa! Custom Shower Glass Dividers are a brilliant way to create a luxury look to any walk in shower! We spend money on the right shower head to achieve a “massage” experience, or on expensive travertine to upgrade from old tile, so investing in a gorgeous piece of Art Glass only makes sense! Sans Soucie’s experience in quality, skill and precision makes them one of the leading company’s into today’s market!

Sans Soucie will create any design you desire with their unique Sandblasting Technique! This process allows them to offer you a variety of looks, Privacy Levels and prices! They take everything into consideration! Your design can literally be done in multiple ways, making Custom Glass Showers more affordable than ever! They call it Same Design, Done Different! Your choices of etched (frosted) glass or Specialty Glass for carved and painted features, are details that set every design apart! And if that’s not tailored enough for you, how about choosing from a variety of one of a kind glass edges! All of Sans Soucie’s tempered glass can be created with either polished edges or executed with their Signature Hand Chiseled, Irregular Edges! The possibilities are endless!

Whether you’re looking for something simple and elegant or maybe elaborate and opulent, Sans Soucie can fashion the divider of your dreams! You can have your very own spa experience right at home! Surrounded by luminous Art Glass, displaying a custom design that brings a serenity and peace to your busy life! Even if it only last for 5 minutes…! We promised glass not time! Ha, Ha!

custom shower glass etched reeds
Reeds Shower Divider
glass shower panel frosted reeds
Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 1)
glass partitions etched frosted reeds
Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 2)
glass dividers etched glass reeds
Reeds Shower Divider (Additional View 3)