Etched Glass Designs with a Floral Feel

When most people think of the term “etched glass design” they likely picture  in their mind a white, frosted effect on glass, probably a drinking glass or light fixture .. which of course is a completely accurate thought . There are, however, different forms of and techniques for achieving frosted glass or etched glass, and it’s extremely popular for architectural items like doors and windows.   At Sans Soucie Art Glass, we use a number of various related terms that help us to be more specific with our clients, about the different effects we apply to the glass and various techniques we use.  For example, if you look at the examples below the floral design shows both etching and shading. Each design is etched onto the glass surface and then frosted to make the design pop and stand out!

exterior glass doors frosted hibiscus
Hibiscus 2D Misted Doors
frosted glass panels tropical
Tropical Beauty
glass top tables lattice floral
Morning Glory