Decorative Etched Glass Window for Privacy by Sans Soucie Art Glass Studios

At Sans Soucie Art Glass, we use a number of various related terms that help us to be more specific with our clients, about the different effects we apply to the glass and various techniques we use. For example, etched glass can be SOLID, and/or it can have SHADING. It can have a Carved design with color and gluechipped design.  Most people think of the term “etched glass window” they likely picture n their mind a white, frosted effect on the glass, which of course is completely accurate. There are, however, different forms of and techniques for achieving etched glass.

Known for high quality craftsmanship and versatility, our etched and frosted glass doors turn any glass product into an exquisite Work of Art Captured in Glass. Creating unlimited design styles for:    CARVED GLASS WINDOWSETCHED & SHADED GLASS WINDOWSSOLID ETCHED GLASS WINDOWS.


Matrix Window Glass (wide)


Cast Scrolls


Clover Pattern with Clavos


Desert in Bloom Tub Window