Glass Doors – Etched Bamboo Designs provide JUST the right Privacy!

Glass doors create a wonderful, open feel for any entry door or interior, and regardless of the privacy level you need, Sans Soucie Art Glass has just the right look, and design!  This is Sans Soucie’s Bamboo Shoots design, shown in different etched and carved glass effects.  All create various levels of privacy and are in a different range of price.  The same design can be sandblasted in a Solid Frost effect, a 2D Surface Etched, 3D Carved, or even Carved and Painted.  Check out our Sandblast Effects Video for a brief demonstration.

Sans Soucie has a vast array of design selections, with designs in every motif, from Abstract, Contemporary, Landscape Scenes, to Foliage and custom logos.  Any design can be done on any type of piece.  Visit our Main Gallery to browse and find a beautiful custom etched glass piece for your home!

3D Carved 100% Private
3D Carved Pinstripe Outline
Bamboo Shoots-Negative
Bamboo Shoots-Positive


Bamboo Shoots – 3D Carved Pinstripe Outlined
Bamboo Shoots – 3D Carved 100% Private