Glass Pantry Doors with Wheat Designs

“Bundled Wheat Petite” Solid Frost Glass

Sans Soucie Art Glass creates custom etched glass pantry doors in limitless design styles and motifs, but undoubtedly their “Bundled Wheat” design ranks high among the favorites for a kitchen pantry door!  There’s both a tall version of the design, with the wheat stalks tied together with a large bow, then there’s also a shorter version of the same style, aptly named “Bundled Wheat Petite”.    Sans Soucie creates all their etched or frosted glass designs through sandblasting.  The simplest and least expensive method is a solid frost, which basically means the design will be a solid white no “gradient” or shading.  The other methods are much more difficult and require much more skill. To leran more and see examples, watch our Sandblast Effects Video!

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“Bundled Wheat” SOLID FROST Sandblast Method
“Bundled Wheat” DIMENSIONAL Sandblast. This look requires much time and skill to create, as opposed to a simple, solid frost.

And if you’re looking for a pantry door with an etched glass design, Sans Soucie has a fantastic, new web tool where you can custom design your own design, by mixing and matching from a wide variety of options!  Select your border and design, and even insert custom text!  The site features instant online pricing as well