Etched Glass Windows: Tub Window Designs

“Ondas” Tub Windows Our second most popular type of item is our etched and carved glass windows.  Both exterior and interior windows are very popular because our etched glass designs will provide privacy, while allowing the light to pass thru and enter the room.  A great alternative to shades and blinds, that  create privacy, but block light.

“Abstract Hills Smooth”, less private

“Abstract Hills Smooth”, more private Designs  for tub and shower windows can vary greatly, depending upon the amount of privacy needed, and of course design preference.  A great option that is very often used, is to leave the top area of the glass clear, etching the design up to the height level needed for ample privacy, and then leaving the top clear which then allows you to see outside, creating a wonderful, open feel, as seen on the large, full surround “Onas” tub windows.

“Iris Perch”, solid etched and carved

I’ve included one example in this blog of our “Abstract Hills Smooth” design, shown executed two different ways.  On the one, you’ll notice that the gluechipped areas are “obscured”, but may not be private enough for the area, as was the case for this particular window.  We went back in, and later lightly sandblasted those gluechipped areas, creating more obscurity in those sections, so they would be more private.

On the “Iris Perch” window, you’ll notice that all areas of the glass have been sandblasted, with the design areas carved and the background areas etched or “frosted”, creating 100% privacy.

A very popular design for our custom desert homes in our area, the Coachella Valley, are mountain designs.  Our valley is surrounded by beautiful mountain ranges, (San Jacinto, Santa Rosa, Little San Bernardino and Chocolate Mountians), all of which having very different looks and textures, depending on where you are in the valley.  Mountain ranges are a great design, because it makes natural “sense” within the design, to leave the top area above the peaks of the mountain ranges clear glass.

Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains, Coachella Valley, California
Santa Rosa & San Jacinto Mountains, Coachella Valley, California

“Mountains” surface etched glass (not carved) window, less detail.

“La Quinta Mountains” Tub Window, carved & shaded (more detail)

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