Shower in Illuminated Art with a Frosted Glass Shower Panel

Enjoy the ambiance of a beautiful illuminated work of art every time you shower!

A Shower Glass Panel that Separates with Style

Available any size and unlimited design options, let us create a stunning art piece that will not just coordinate with, but enhance your decor.

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Let a Frosted Glass Shower Panel Surround you in Illuminated Art!

Let each shower you take turn into a relaxing, luxurious experience by setting the mood with a beautiful frosted glass shower panel from Sans Soucie Art Glass.  Get the shower glass panel or shower walls glasswork you’ve been dreaming of for your home’s bathroom.  From the moment you step foot into your bathroom, you can enjoy an exquisite and functional piece of art with a frosted glass shower panel that will take your breath away.

Explore our gallery to see many remarkable examples of the glass shower walls we have previously made. You can choose your design from the huge selection in our design archives or allow us to create a new design for your shower glass panel. Our glass is tempered for safety, and each of our designs is handcrafted and custom made using the finest techniques as we etch or deep carve each piece of glass using sandblasting. The designs are on the exterior surface of the shower wall panels, leaving you free to wipe or squeegee down the smooth side of the glass that faces in toward your shower.

We can accomplish a range of visual effects to give you both the look and the privacy you want for your glass shower panels. Our prices vary based on the size and complexity of the design and the type of effect you want, from frosted glass to 3D sculpture carving to painted and stained glass — and everything in between! Use our simple door designer to choose what type of panels you want to makeover, the thickness of glass you would like and the color of glass you would like. You’ll also be able to make selections like the effect you want to be employed in creating your design, the background finish you would like, and the type of edge you want for your glass shower panels. It’s an easy process.

For more than four decades, Sans Soucie has been creating the industry’s highest quality custom etched and frosted glass panels, enclosures and doors. Looking for another form of glass wall panels? We can create whatever you want! Our custom shower glass panels are available in any size, and are made to order with worldwide shipping straight to your door.