An Art Glass Sculpture to Express Your Style

Sculptures are the most creative forms of art, where the artist’s imagination gains a 3 dimensional look.  At Sans Soucie, we collaborate with you, to bring YOUR imagination to life.

Sculpture Glass in Unlimited Styles

With limitless design possibilities, let us custom design sculpture glass into a work of art that won’t just compliment and enhance your space but become the inspirational focal point of your home.

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Endless Options. Large and Small.

Sans Soucie can create any imaginable shape, style, and size glass sculptures with a frosted, carved design. Sans Soucie designs are sandblasted different ways, creating different effects and pricing. The price will vary by design complexity and type of effect, either Specialty Glass or Frosted Glass. Edges are hand chiseled to create various shapes and forms, and glass can be layered vertically or horizontally. Color can be added to enhance the effect and the glass itself is available in limitless colors.