Separate with Style with Glass Room Dividers by Sans Soucie

Glass room dividers and glass wall partitions with frosted glass designs are the perfect solution for creating a bright, open feel while enhancing your decor!

Glass Wall Partitions with Cutting Edge Looks

Edges can be straight, polished or feature one of our signature hand chiseled edges.  Choose from our vast library of designs or let us create a brand new design to your specifications.

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Glass Room Dividers and Glass Wall Partitions that Separate Your Space with Style!

Sans Soucie Art Glass has been creating the highest quality custom etched and frosted glass designs for frosted glass room dividers and glass wall partitions available in the industry since 1976.  All hand-drawn, custom designs, glass etching is achieved by sandblasting the design into the glass. Using various techniques, every design comes in a variety of effects, each creating a unique look that provides different levels of privacy and price. The design can be applied by merely “light” etching it into the surface only, OR it can be sculpture carved deep into the glass, creating a relief texture. Check out our effects and pricing page for more info.

As you browse our galleries, bear in mind that any design can be put on any product.  So if you see something you like on a shower, just know it can be done on a window, a frosted glass room divider, a door – or any other architectural glass product.

Frosted glass room dividers with beautiful etched and carved designs by Sans Soucie are a fantastic way to divide space and create the privacy you need, whether a little or a lot, for any area in your home, restaurant, or office. The edges of a frosted glass room divider can be straight polished or can feature one of Sans Soucie’s signature design custom hand-chiseled, irregular edging.  From a frosted glass room divider, partitions for glass showers to restaurant booth dividers, to glass partition walls for home, the glass will typically be 3/8″ to 1/2″ thick for most applications and is always tempered for safety.  The price will vary by design complexity and type of effect: Specialty Glass and Frosted Glass. At Sans Soucie, we transform a plain glass partition into an exquisite work of art that not only provides a stunning custom element to any space but provides a practical solution where you need to divide space and add obscurity as needed!

About our Glass Room Dividers with frosted glass designs:

• Available Any Size

• All Glass Will be Tempered for safety

• For use as interior glass room dividers or wall partitions

• Worldwide Shipping

• Custom Made to Order

• Sandblast Etched & Carved Glass

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Choose from our large collection of design archives or let us create a new frosted glass room divider design to your specifications. Price will vary by design complexity and type of effect. Learn more about our effects. From simple frosted glass effects to our 3D sculpture carving, painted and stained glass, and everything in between. Sans Soucie designs are sandblasted in different ways, resulting in different effects, and different price levels. The “same design, done differently” – there’s no limit to design. Creating custom designs since 1976, we’ve created a huge collection of design archives, for our huge array of glass products, including the frosted glass room divider. There’s something for every decor, regardless of style, but if you can’t find just what you’re looking for, allow us to create a brand new design just for you!


It all depends on the design you choose (whether an archive design or brand new), and the sandblast effect you choose.  Specialty Glass effects (2D3D and 3D Painted and leaded glass) has a 6-8 week turn-around on average.  Solid Frost Effects will be 2-3 weeks on average. All new frosted glass room divider designs requiring custom scale drawings for approval, regardless of effect, will require a minimum 6-8 week turn-around. Everything is custom made to order and ships worldwide to your doorstep. Domestic transit times are 1-5 business days. International is typically 5-7 business days.  Learn more


From a little to a lot, get the privacy you need without sacrificing sunlight. Glass can be 100% obscure private, semi-private or not at all – just choose what you need for your frosted glass room divider.


Start by completing a Quote Request.  We’ll reply with any questions.  You’ll receive a price within 1-5 business days. From there, orders are placed with a 50% deposit, balance due on shipping. You’ll receive a custom scale drawing of your frosted glass room divider within 7-8 business days from your order date. When your frosted glass room divider is finished, we will email you a shipping notification with the tracking number and contact info. for the freight company. In the meantime, we’re here to answer any questions so please call (877) 331-3397 to speak to a knowledgeable representative!


Glass and doors ship worldwide, custom hand packed and fully insured.  Shipping is FREE to most states.  Learn more

We’re here to answer any questions so please call (877) 331-3397 to speak to a knowledgeable rep!   Sans Soucie ships worldwide at reasonable prices from Palm Desert, California, with delivery from 3-8 weeks depending on door material and glass effect chosen for your glass room divider.