Ordinary Glass Counters become Works of Art.

Our frosted glass designs transform ordinary plain glass into highly custom, unique works of art with a custom, quality appeal.

Gate a Counter Height Glass Top Table Suited to your Style.

Created in all shapes and sizes with limitless design possibilities, let us create a counter height glass top table custom designed to compliment your decor!

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Glass Counterss, Counter Height Glass Top Table with Style

Truly unique – there’s nothing like glass.

Glass thickness for glass countertops and counters will be 3/4″ for most applications. For some glass counters, a thickness of 3/8″ or 1/2″ may be used. Sans Soucie creates exquisite designs that are 3D sculpture carved into the glass edge, or applied to the underside of the glass – anything is possible!

Where strength is needed for glass that will extend or be extra weight-bearing, the glass will be tempered or even laminated for strength when needed.  Known for our unique custom edges and irregular shapes, edge designs are seen on other glass products in our online galleries like the top edges of glass showers and partitions can be applied to any glass counter.

Another gorgeous option for glass counters and bar tops is shattered glass. Incorporating a mirror into the shattered glass layers creates a breathtaking look!  Creating the illusion of a stack of diamonds – this is a look like no other!

In addition, the glass edges can be edge-lit using LED strip lighting. Edge lighting adds a dramatic effect to the glass, illuminating a special 3D carved edge or carved design that’s been applied.

Since design possibilities are endless, Sans Soucie can create the perfect look for any decor, from contemporary modern, to rustic and traditional.  No matter what the area or decor style, Sans Soucie can create the perfect glass counter.

Choose from one of our archive designs, or let us create something brand new, perfectly suited to tie in with your decor – which is how each and every  Sans Soucie design was created.