Save Space While Flaunting your Style with a Frosted Glass Barn Door

The perfect solution for a tight space, sliding barn doors open and close flush against the wall, taking up far less floor space than a swinging door.

Glide in Style with a Sliding Glass Barn Door

With limitless design possibilities, let us custom design the perfect sliding glass barn door that won’t just save space but bring a wow factor to your decor.

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Get a Frosted Glass Barn Door that’ll Make a Statement!

Let Sans Soucie Art Glass turn what would be an ordinary frosted glass sliding glass barn door into an extraordinary work of art with our beautiful custom sliding glass barn doors. All Sans Soucie sliding glass barn doors are hand-crafted, etched, or carved to make the perfect addition to your home or business and to fit any particular style.


With 38 years of creating custom etched glass, there’s something for every style of decor and home. Choose from our large collection of design archives or let us create new sliding glass barn doors to your specifications. Choose from our more classic frosted sliding glass barn doors, or for a pop of color, opt for one of our stained sliding glass barn doors. Prices will vary on our sliding frosted glass barn doors depending on the design complexity of your custom sliding frosted glass barn doors.


  • Save Space with our sliding frosted glass barn doors. In areas where a traditional door may not work, sliding glass barn doors are an ideal way to save space. Since sliding frosted glass barn doors only take up wall space, you’ll be able to add furniture and utilize the space in its entirety.
  • Environmentally Friendly. Sliding glass barn doors are both energy efficient and sustainable. Sliding glass barn doors allow for natural light to enter a space while still providing great insulation.
  • Enable Privacy. Sliding glass barn doors are a great way to disguise areas you may not want to show off all the time, but still want to access. Sliding glass barn doors can also offer as much or as little privacy as you want depending on your style and custom sliding glass barn doors preference.


How Do We Make Frosted Glass Barn Doors?

Sans Soucie Art Glass pieces and sliding frosted glass barn doors are custom-designed and handcrafted one by one. Etched and/or carved designs are created by hand sandblasting, and leaded/stained glass is hand-cut and fabricated. Design and fabrication truly is a process and here’s how it works:

Glass Door Size is Provided:

Our Art Glass is priced by the square foot, so to give you an estimate, we will need the basic glass sizes. Glass sizes can be estimated for your quote by measuring the width and height of the glass or opening. We will do a critical field measure before ordering any glass, but approximate sizes are all we need for your estimate for your sliding glass barn doors.

Sliding Frosted Glass Barn Door Design is Determined:

Combining our creativity, skill, and expertise with your tastes, preferences, and imagination is a collaborative effort. There is virtually no limit to the design possibilities for our sliding frosted glass barn doors. We will base the design on your decor, your preferences, and the architecture of your home or establishment. If you already have a specific design or vision in mind, we’ll take that vision for your sliding glass barn door and make it a reality.


Available in virtually any size, our frameless sliding glass barn doors are usually ⅜” thick glass. All glass is tempered for safety and durability. Interior sliding glass barn doors will include the panel of glass and the hardware, which consists of rollers and stoppers, a metal track, end caps for the track, a floor guide, and a round knob.


Prices on our sliding glass barn doors will vary by the complexity of the glass design and the type of sandblasting effect you choose. Our 1D effects are lower-end, more cost-effective options. Our 2D, 3D, painted, and stained sliding glass barn doors are on the higher-end since these effects require a much higher level of skill by the artist.


Get the privacy you need without sacrificing the light you want. Our sliding glass barn doors can be 100% obscure and private, semi-private, or not at all – it’s up to you. Sans Soucie is committed to providing you with designs that can be executed to provide the right amount of privacy without sacrificing the beauty of your new sliding glass barn doors.


If some color is desired, the 3D carved glass is airbrush painted in either translucent or solid paints, from matte to metallic. The turn-around with any frameless glass door, including sliding glass barn doors, is 4 weeks minimum. If the order features a 2D or 3D design, expect between 6-9 weeks to expect to receive our sliding glass barn doors.

All glass and sliding frosted glass barn doors are expertly hand-packed in-house and ship worldwide, fully insured. Transit times are approximately 1-5 days, depending on destination. Your new sliding glass barn door will be delivered curbside, whether it’s a residential or commercial delivery. We offer sliding glass barn doors for every person and their particular style. Feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.