Add Luster and Style with a Glass Backsplash for Kitchens and Bath

Add the illusion of space and visual interest to your kitchen or bath with a custom art glass backsplash by Sans Soucie.

Not Just Pretty But Purposeful.

A glass backsplash not only adds beauty and shine but is water, heat and stain resistant, making cleaning easier!

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A Glass Backsplash for Kitchens and Bathroom are More than Just Pretty!

Beautiful, elegant and  low maintenance, a glass backsplash for kitchens is a great way to add a custom element to your kitchen while serving a practical purpose too!  Taking advantage of the luminescent look and feel of glass that makes the area airier and brighter, with our custom processes, we will color match the paint color of the backsplash to perfectly compliment and coordinate with your kitchen or bath decor.

With no limit to shape, size or style, Sans Soucie creates stunning glass backsplashes made to coordinate with any decor, for kitchen or bath.  Glass is back painted in limitless colors.  Edges can be straight, polished for a contemporary look to fit the area.  Edges can be lit, which illuminates the entire glass area, adding a stunning dramatic effect.   Edges can also be hand-cut to form irregular, freeform shapes.

Irregular edges are formed by hand by our skilled artists who literally break and chip the edge of the glass, inch by inch, all across one edge.  In addition, the glass can feature a design, sandblast carved deep into the glass on either back or front, depending on the application.

Sans Soucie will determine what works best based on where the glass is going, and what’s surrounding it.  Another look is shattered glass.  A beautiful texture, shattered glass has prisms and reflective properties.  As with regular glass, shattered glass can also be back-painted.   We create a reflective effect by making the bottom or back layer mirror.  When a clear mirror is used, the glass looks like a beautiful stack of diamonds, 1″ deep!  Breathtaking and unique, this is one of our most popular choices for glass counters, glass bar tops, or backsplashes. Shipping worldwide, all Sans Soucie glass is custom foam packed at our Studio by our experienced, expert glaziers and artists and is shipped right to your door step, whether to a residence or a large, commercial project.